Kammer 2

Future Shock: Smart Cities, Big Data

Impuls lecture by Evgeny Morozov (author), talk with Evgeny Morozov and Yvonne Hofstetter (authors), moderation: Renata Avila (lawyer) / in English, simultaneously translated into German


Who will govern the cities of the future? What will happen if we rent out our apartments online so we can maintain our standard of living? And if an app replaces public transport in small towns? And if our digital traffic benefits private companies who take over functions that used to be public? Evgeny Morozov from the Silicon Valley is one of the most famous critics of developments like these. Yvonne Hofstetter is the director of a Munich-based company that works with big data, and writes bestsellers such as The End of Democracy - How artificial intelligence is taking over politics and incapacitating us .

Part of SENSITIVE DATA – THE ART OF SURVEILLANCE / Bilingual conference and workshops curated by Tobi Müller and Sarah Harrison / January 20 – 22, Kammer 1/2/3

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