Kammer 4


By Samara Hersch

Long Distance Encounter

On 25 June in Kammer 4


For the time being, we are unable to assemble.

For the time being, we are asked to keep distance.

For the time being, ….?

For the time being, there will be a message. In the absence of a body, the sound of a voice.

For the time. Being.

FOR THE TIME BEING… is a message from a teenager elsewhere in the world, with questions for you, the adult.

It is an attempt to discover an unlikely connection and to rethink the vulnerabilities, politics and inter-dependencies of our bodies across distance and across age.

At a time when our worlds are suddenly shrinking, our borders are closing, and our social circles are tightening, we bring this message to you in order, for a moment at least, to transcend generations, countries, horizons, and possible futures…

Please note that this performance has a strictly limited capacity.

In order to participate, we will ask you to use WhatsApp to send a message with your name and the title of a song you enjoyed listening to as a teenager, to this number:+31 6 85025178 before MIDNIGHT on the 24th June.

If you don’t have WhatsApp, please visit this website https://www.whatsapp.com/ with your phone. This will provide you with easy steps to follow on how to install it on your phone, so that you can get started.

Once you send us a message (with your name and the song) you will receive further instructions for participation.

We hope you will enjoy this exchange!