Kammer 1


By Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Director: Nicolas Stemann


Nicolas Stemann’s staging of the complete “Faust” was most probably the theater event of the 2011/2012 season: invited to the Theatertreffen, selected as stage production of the year, granted the 3sat Theater Award, the actor Sebastian Rudolph was named actor of the year, numerous invitations for guest performances have followed to the present day.

The marathon that is the “Total Faust Experience” has been an especially great success with the audience. And that probably not despite, but because the entire life of the romantic idealist on devil’s wings can unfold itself in the course of a single eight hour performance.

Accordingly, the audience can get in the mood for 8 ¼ hours of an exceptional theatrical state including three breaks: a first, lengthy break following the first part where you can fortify yourself (advance reservation possible at the box office for the Restaurant im Blauen Haus and at the Kulisse), second and third breaks of about 20 minutes follow in the second part.

“You have never seen ‘Faust I & II’ as staged by Nicolas Stemann. His production itself is a Faustian event, a brooding and fathoming about the innermost coherence of this drama, what it holds for the audience – and for us today.” (Reasoning of the jury for granting the 3sat Award at the Berlin Theatertreffen 2012).

Guest performance of the Thalia Theater Hamburg.
With generous support by the Association of Friends of the Münchner Kammerspiele.


Friederike Harmsen, Philipp Hochmair, Felix Loycke, Florian Loycke, Barbara Nüsse, Franz Rogowski, Sebastian Rudolph, Birte Schnöink, Alexander Simon, Patrycia Ziolkowska


Franz Rogowski


Claudia Lehmann, Eike Zuleeg

Stage Production

Nicolas Stemann

Stage design

Thomas Dreißigacker, Nicolas Stemann


Thomas Kürstner, Sebastian Vogel


Marysol del Castillo


Sven Kaiser, Thomas Kürstner, Burkhard Niggemeier , Sebastian Vogel


Benjamin von Blomberg