Kammer 2



Director: Philippe Quesne


In "Farm Fatale" Philippe Quesne invokes the imagery of rural life. However, this place of longing is now merely inhibited by five scarecrows. The people are gone and the sounds of nature seem to have died away. The stage space - initially a blank page - is now only populated by these inventive scarecrows. As in a booklet, this desolate spot fills up and becomes the site of a new beginning. As "do-it-yourself" craftsmen, the straw puppets gradually settle the space. The evening tells - as in a comic - picture by picture of an autonomous, solidarian community for which another world is possible. Everything can become a protagonist here: sounds, inconspicuous objects and animated nature. As in earlier works, Quesne combines humorous theater and visual art in "Farm Fatale" and collages a concertante revue of images. In addition to the work “Caspar Western Friedrich”, which was shown in the repertoire of the Münchner Kammerspiele, Philippe Quesne’s independent productions “Die Nacht der Maulwürfe” and “Crash Park – Life of an island” were also recently staged.

In co-production with Nanterre-Amandiers, centre dramatique national.


Leo Gobin, Stefan Merki, Damian Rebgetz, Julia Riedler, Gaëtan Vourc’h

Stage Production

Philippe Quesne

Artistic assistance stage

Nicole Marianna Wytyczak


Philippe Quesne

Artistic assistance costume

Nora Stocker


Pit Schultheiss


Martin Valdés-Stauber

Premiere on 29. March 2019