Kammer 3



Television may be passé and as a medium it may even have failed. But the format of the TV series and the related esthetic concepts that have been generated by television seem to have a brilliant future, also in the age of digital data transfer. Be it “House of Cards” (Netflix), “Transparent” (Amazon), “Better Call Saul” (AMC) or “Fargo” (FX) – in our “post-televisual” world of the present, series that, across all genre traditions still engender much of television, set the pace of the global culture of moving images. In almost all respects such as media technology, logic of consumption, esthetics as well as social diagnostics, the results are of outstanding explosiveness and present a challenge for the discourse of dramaturgy at the theater.


EPISODE #1: The Wire

EPISODE #2: True Blood

EPISODE #3: Homeland

EPISODE #4: Der Alte „Sportpalast Walzer“

EPISODE #5: Braunschlag (had to be canceled unfortunately)

EPISODE #6: American Dad

EPISODE #7: Absolutely Fabulous

EPISODE #8: Breaking Bad

EPISODE #9: Parks & Recreation

EPISODE #10: Derrick

EPISODE #11: Stranger Things

EPISODE #12: The Night Of

EPISODE #13: Transparent

EPISODE #14: Twin Peaks

EPISODE #15: Westworld

EPISODE #16: House of Cards

EPISODE #17: Game of Thrones

EPISODE #18: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

EPISODE #19: Twin Peaks – The Return

EPISODE #20: Mind Hunter

EPISODE #21: Bosch

EPISODE #22: Sneaky Pete

EPISODE #23: Bachelorette