Kammer 3


By and with Fabian Holle, Baly Nguyen, Damian Rebgetz, Melanie Jame Wolf

Director: Damian Rebgetz


Television is dead. Long live television.

An elegy for television, the telly, the box, the tube. A ceremony for The Cable, for flow, for flicker, for switching channels, for the hours spent on the couch, in living rooms, alone, or fighting for the remote control.

The television is forecast to disappear from households by the end of the next decade, and with it, the TV schedule that has structured the everyday life of families across generations and nations. The loss of this artefact is reflected in the transformation of cultural practices: places of gathering, temporal structures, forms of consumption, constellations of bodies, and viewing patterns are either shifting or disappearing. The Cord Cutting Revolution refers to a movement away from the consumption of television content via satellite & cable, towards online streaming. The global expansion of the Internet has transformed consumption away from the temporal reign of the TV Guide; on time has become on demand.

Through this frame, Fabian Holle, Baly Nguyen, Damian Rebgetz and Melanie Jame Wolf perform an "Elegy for Television", seeking potential forms for saying goodbye and gestures of looking back upon, in a space of ambivalence between mourning and celebrating the loss of former structures. In a choreography of embodied memories, they summon the rituals of the television age, the lost moments of community, the synchronization of neighborhoods and nations, and flick through fragments of individual and shared experience.

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