Kammer 1


By and with Gerhard Polt and the Well Bruedern aus'm Biermoos

Director: Johan Simons


In 1979 Gerhard Polt first staged “Kehraus” (Last Dance) in the Werkraum of the Münchner Kammerspiele. He followed it with the successful production “München leuchtet” (Munich Radiates) (1984) and other performances. These presentations formed a link to the tradition of inviting so-called “small artists” to appear on the great stage. In the 1920s Karl Valentin had put his mark on the theatrical landscape. With Gerhard Polt, Otto Grünmandl, Dieter Hildebrandt, Gisela Schneeberger and the Biermösl Blosn, top-class artists entered the stage and enriched the cultural scene of the city with highly political revues. Following the musical evening “Fein sein beinander bleibn” by the Well family, “Ekzem Homo” represents a new revue by and with Gerhard Polt and the Well brothers that will hit the stage at Schauspielhaus.


Stefan Merki, Gerhard Polt, Christoph Well, Karl Well, Michael Well, Well-Brüder aus'm Biermoos


Funke Konate

Stage Production

Johan Simons

Stage design and Costume

Sina Barbra Gentsch


Stephan Mariani


Matthias Günther