Kammer 2


A perfomative installation by ausbau.sechs based on the novel by Kristine Bilkau, in German – only 16 visitors for every show


Winter is coming soon. Isabell and George are a couple. A happy one. Contented parents of a one-year-old son. She: a cellist in a musical orchestra. He: a local editor of a well-established newspaper. At home, they lead the quiet existence of two people who have found their place in life: in the big city, behind brightly lit windows in renovated period buildings, and in stylish cafes. Surrounded by warmth, security and a feeling of ease. But suddenly there’s a chandelier in the hallway. And new golden name plaques on the front door. And an uncontrolled tremor in Isabell’s hand. And rumours of the sale of the newspaper circulate around Georg’s editorial office. Now when they come home from work, both overstrung by the demands of living a flawless life, doubts and fears await them. Their social descent has begun ...
Wir haben Frühling, Kristine Bilkau’s debut novel, is about Munich – although it takes place in Hamburg. As much a sociological case study as a psychogram, this is an unsparing “station drama” about a gradual slide into precarious conditions. Instead of an existential struggle for survival, it shows a paralysing state of shock located somewhere between the playground and health-food store, in which people desperately cling to what’s left. In clear, lucid language, this is social decline breathing down the neck of the well-protected city dweller. ausbau.sechs has developed a performative installation in which 16 spectators are put into pairs to become Bilkau’s protagonists for the premiere of the novel.

Artistic Director: Linda Lobel, Sebastian Linz
Dramaturgy: Nadine Vollmer
Space: Anna van Leen
Sound and Composition: January Faszbender
Video: Alexander Litschka
Lighting: Wolfgang Eibert
Artistic Production Manager: Susanne Ernst

A production by ausbau.sechs in co-production with the Münchner Kammerspiele. Sponsored by the Municipal Department of Art and Culture of the City of Munich. Die Glücklichen by Kristine Bilkau, © 2015 by Luchterhand Literaturverlag Munich, in the Random House Publishing Group.

With friendly support from ARRI.

No late admittance!

Premiere on 24. February 2017