Discussions about Cooperation and Solidarity

Chris Dercon, former Director of the Haus der Kunst museum in Munich and now manager of Tate Modern in London, is in discussion with internationally renowned artists and thinkers such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Andrea Fraser, Rabih MrouƩ and Romuald Karmakar. He wants to pursue the question of how the impact and dynamics of global demographic developments have caused a crisis of solidarity. Together with his partners, he also explores the opportunities inherent in culture, theory and the civil society to promote the concept of solidarity. The idea of collaboration may be of central importance. No theater, no museum, no stage director is able to single-handedly moderate or even combat the collisions of values as we experience them in the philosophies of Christianity and Islam as well as the ramifications of social injustice. It is more than ever time to think in a transnational manner and to act complicitly. According to Dercon, the theatrical stage particularly lends itself to such discussions: It is significantly less economically organized than other venues and establishments within the cultural sector.