Kammer 1


Based on the novel by Miranda July

Director: Christopher Rüping


Cheryl Glickman, in her early 40s, single and successful, is suffering: she has difficulty swallowing and a lump in her throat that just won’t go away. Philip, her colleague and ‘lover’ for as long as she can remember – at least in her mind – recommends her to go and see a chromatherapist. And for his sake, she goes. Even though it turns out that 60-year-old Philip is in love with someone else. And that someone is only 16. One day, Clee, the barely 20-year-old daughter of Cheryl’s boss, moves into Cheryl’s apartment. Clee mainly hangs around. She likes TV, crisps and Diet Coke. At first she says she just wants to stay for a few days. But then she touches Cheryl’s life with pleasure – and violence.
Together with the actresses Maja Beckmann and Anna Drexler, the singer Brandy Butler and the young video artist Rebecca Meining, in-house director Christopher Rüping stages Miranda July’s debut novel, reflecting the voice of modern urbanites, their sensitivities and (sexual) neuroses. ‘Every line is a surprise: The way in which Miranda July writes about men and women is highly modern and simply takes your breath away,’ wrote the Spiegel about “The First Bad Man” while The Guardian chose it to be among the top ten most memorable romance stories alongside Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina”.

With English surtitles. For our seating recommendations please click here.

Greetings from Miranda July


Maja Beckmann, Anna Drexler


Rebecca Meining

Stage Production

Christopher Rüping

Stage design

Jonathan Mertz


Christian Schweig


Brandy Butler


Lene Schwind


Benjamin von Blomberg

Premiere on 28. April 2017