by GIESCHEand, June 21. – 23. JULI, from sunrise to sunset

Director: Alexander Giesche

“The Internet is many things, in many places. But one thing it most certainly is, nearly everywhere, is a series of tubes. Inside those tubes, are glass fibres. Inside those fibres is light. And, encoded in that light is, increasingly, us.” (Andrew Blum, Autor) – It connects and informs us, tempts and seduces, entertains, eavesdrops on us, makes us transparent and liberates us. Some use it to harm, maximise profits, and turn swarm intelligence into mass stupidity. Others use it to create free space for thought, physical visions and develop digital survival techniques in violent environments. But what does it actually look like – this ocean of electrodes and bytes, this uncontrollable network of almost infinite possibilities. What does the Internet really look like? To conclude their two-year research at the Münchner Kammerspiele entitled “Future Shock”, GIESCHEand takes us on an excursion through the Internet. At the end of the season, it materialises for a weekend on the Corneliusbrücke.

Friday, July 21
12 pm to 10 pm, enter at all times (15 minute loop)
// 07 pm: KompostTutorial
// afterwards: sundowner including drinks and music

Saturday, July 22
5:37 am to 01 am (+1), enter at all times (15 minute loop)
// 12 pm: KompostTutorial
// 04 pm: KompostTutorial
// from 07 pm on: sundowner including drinks and music

Sunday, July 23
5:38 am – 10 pm, enter at all times (15 minute loop)
// 18 Uhr: Dark Web
// from 07 pm on: undowner including drinks and music

Corneliusbastion (at the Corneliusbrücke)

In the context of „Future Shock“,
Sponsored by Fonds Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des Bundes

By and with

Georg Conrad, Katinka Deecke, Johannes Dullin, Alexander Giesche, Matthias Kestel, Hannah Saar, Georgi Stamenov, Yana Thönnes, Fanny Wühr


Alexander Giesche
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Premiere on 21. July 2017