Kammer 2

Counter Surveillance: Reversing the Gaze

Featuring Eva Blum-Dumontet (Privacy International), Kaustubh Srikanth (Tactical Tech), Adam Elliott-Cooper (et al. Black Lives Matter UK), Moderation: Wenzel Bilger (Goethe-Institut) / in English simultaneously translated into German


Bugging does not always take place in secret. In the UK, experience with CCTV cameras is extensive. In online shops, you can easily find programmes with which to bug mobile phones. And constant surveillance with mobile phone cameras is part of every modern cityscape. Can this gaze be reversed? What role do cameras play in the fights of movements like Black Lives Matter in order to witness police brutality? Is the individual’s power to act located in exactly the place where sovereignty has been removed?

Part of SENSITIVE DATA – THE ART OF SURVEILLANCE / Bilingual conference and workshops curated by Tobi Müller and Sarah Harrison / January 20 – 22, Kammer 1/2/3

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