Kammer 1

Concert: Tinariwen

The members of Tinariwen belong to the generation of Tuareg who fled from the Sahel to the cities north of the Sahara, because they had lost their livelihoods due to long droughts. The group with the singer Ibrahim Ag Alhabib was formed during the early 1980s in Algeria. There the musicians performed at weddings, baptisms and other festivals and became pioneers of electrically amplified desert music. They combine the traditional instrument-playing of the Tuareg with elements of rock. Later, the artists spent several years in a Libyan military camp where the Tuareg were trained as soldiers. They were actively involved in struggling against the oppression of their people. Only when an uprising by the Niger and Mali ended in 1994 did they apply themselves fully and entirely to music. Meanwhile, Tinariwen perform with great success at festivals and in concert halls all over the world. The newly released album “Elwan” was recorded in places as diverse as the Joshua Tree desert in California and M’Hamid El Ghizlane, an oasis in southern Morocco. Their music articulates the longing for a homeland that no longer exists.