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Tickets 10 € / reduced 5 €, visitors with a day ticket (January 20) pay the reduced price.

The American singer and composer Holly Herndon attempts something in music that many people cannot imagine doing in real life: she regards the laptop as a part of her own body. Or as beloved prosthesis. So, on one hand, her art sounds cold and technoid (she spent her teenage years in Berlin clubs), but on the other, physical and intimate. In the song “Home”, on the album “Platform” (2015), she even speaks to the ‘controller’ whom she suspects lives in her machine: ‘Who are you? Why I have been chosen for you? I can feel you in my home. Do you like what I have done for you?’ Herndon’s beguiling machine-music is the soundtrack of the people of tomorrow.

Tickets for 10 € / reduced 5 €

Visitors with a day ticket for January 20 pay the reduced price.

Part of SENSITIVE DATA – THE ART OF SURVEILLANCE / Bilingual conference and workshops curated by Tobi Müller and Sarah Harrison / January 20 – 22, Kammer 1/2/3

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Day ticket January 20, 2017
Day ticket January 21, 2017
Day ticket January 22, 2017

For the performance SITUATION MIT ZUSCHAUER and the concert by HOLLY HERNDON you have to get an extra ticket.

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