Kammer 2

Concert: Angela Aux

Afterwards party with DJ LeRoy at the bar

Angela Aux is an artist of contrasts, a shape shifter who plays with identities. He balances between Wu-Tang shirt and a girl’s wig, between Haiku and Dostoyevsky. His third work “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams”, is a consciously reduced, internally consistent folk album filled with small but unforgettable tunes and precise aphorisms. During the record release concert in Kammer 2 Angela Aux & Band (Joe Dobroschke, Peter Pazmandi, Marcus Grassl) interweave sound collages and texts of the Munich songwriter. All this is flanked by a multimedia ping-pong with the video artist Su Steinmassl and light master Matthias Singer.

Presented by Zündfunk
Aftershowparty: DJ LeRoy / Schamoni Film & Musik