Kammer 3


By Joseph Heller, A project of the Otto Falckenberg School, third-year stage directing class

Director: Swen Lasse Awe


“As long as I can remember there has always been a conspiracy going on to kill me. But they cannot do me any harm. I possess a healthy mind in a healthy body. I am Raskolnikov. I am Cain. Odysseus. Lot. I am the missing atom. I am crazy!” “Catch-22”, the novel by Joseph Heller, was published in 1961. It tells the story of a US Air Force captain who tries to withdraw from the menace of war by getting himself declared mentally unfit for service. The novel ranks among the greatest successes of American anti-war literature. In the 1970s Mike Nichols made the novel into a film. The title also stands for the paradox of conscientious objection by physician’s certification: Exemption from duty is only possible for those who suffer from a mental disorder and request the dismissal themselves. But the very request for dismissal is a sign of sanity which requires such persons to serve.


Rosa Falkenhagen, Anna-Maria Hirsch, Philipp Koelges, Tenzin Kolsch, Janus Torp, Vincent zur Linden

Stage Production

Swen Lasse Awe

Stage design and Costume

Thilo Ullrich


Philipp Koelges


Arne Bloch

Premiere on 13. July 2016