Kammer 3

I'MDB – A Live Drama about the Tragedy of Rating

By BRITTA THIE, In english and german


“I copy and paste dialogs from Netflix into my life” (Britta Thie) – As a matter of fact nobody can afford the rent payments in the centers of the big cities, especially not artists who are stuck in insecure working conditions. But fortunately the sharing economy of the 21st century has generated new solutions such as the online flat-sharing platform Airbnb. And since sharing means caring, the eccentric model caster Preston and his flat-mate, the overly empathic vocal coach Sage (Colin Self), not only rent out the living space of their tiny New York apartment, but also their very lifestyle – “the Netflixication of Life”. The Berlin media artist Britta Thie, known for her web series “Translantics”, makes her first excursion in the world of the stage at the Kammerspiele: A live sitcom for the digital age – including animation, laughter and camera on the set.

Produced by the Münchner Kammerspiele and German Channel Two in cooperation with ARTE Creative

With Preston Chaunsumlit, Brigitte Hobmeier, James K, Vera von Lehndorff, Colin Self, Britta Thie and special guests Concept/Text/Stage Production/Setting Britta Thie Music Ville Haimala Camera Kevin Klein Lighting William Grüger Dramaturgy Tarun Kade