Immersive Performance

In their cycle “Neue Männer*bewegung” (New Men’s Movement) THE AGENCY looks at the connections between patriarchal masculinity and right-wing thinking in the post-digital age. How is extremist radicalisation promoted by filter bubbles and echo chambers? How do algorithms reinforce discrimination? To what extent are ideas from digital spaces such as 4chan or Breitbart News involved in the emergence and exercise of online and offline violence?
In “BOYS SPACE”, the first work within this cycle, THE AGENCY attempts to illuminate and undermine the role of masculinity in processes of radicalisation. An alternative space is created online and offline to facilitate an exit from patriarchal masculinity. “Boys will be boys” is no longer valid here. In “BOYS SPACE,” spectators as “Male Characters” meet their “Empathy Partners” and come across the confessions from other users. This gives them the opportunity to participate in the development of BOYS SPACE.

Please bring your mobile device and download the app Discord:

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You will receive the login information at the entrance.

Artistic Director THE AGENCY by and with Nile Koetting, Heinrich Horwitz, Nicolas Bourbaki, Magdalena Emmerig, Belle Santos, Yana Thönnes technology Nicolas Bourbaki Sound Design Nile Koetting Dramaturgy Rahel Spöhrer Production Management Sofie Luckhardt Text by THE AGENCY with quotes by Arlie Russel Hochschild, Kathy Acker, Maggie Nelson, Leslie Jamison, Angela Nagle, John Cheney-Lippold With special thanks to Arlie Russel Hochschild und Michael Kimmel

Production THE AGENCY and Münchner Kammerspiele Funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Munich

Part of the festival “Politik der Algorithmen – Kunst, Leben, Künstliche Intelligenz” from June 11 to 16, 2019

With a glossary accompanying the exhibition "Der Alt-Right-Komplex" by the HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein) Dortmund, curated by Inke Arns, with texts by Inke Arns, Jens Kabisch, Regina Weidmann – HMKV at Dortmunder U, until 22. September 2019

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