BODY TALK / A Festival of Bodies and Markets, Gender and Visibility in the 21st Century

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German theater is dominated by white, male heteros. This statement applies to topics, directors and management. The Münchner Kammerspiele is no exception to this rule. Where are they – women, black people, queers, freaks? In the more progressive institutions of the theater world they are repeatedly invoked as authorities. But is this enough to change the symbolic, let alone the political power structures? Emancipatory theater productions which are most likely to represent the positions of so-called minorities frequently take place under precarious conditions and in obscure venues that only receive marginal notice.

It is not just a matter of telling the stories of those who deviate from the norm. This alone would only render them tokens in the logic of exploitation which is customary in the industry. But the issue is to alter the very framework of visualization.

With the festival “Body Talk” curated by Stefanie Lohaus and Christoph Gurk, the Münchner Kammerspiele also asks itself the question why the theater falls so short of its potential in this respect. What could be done to change the situation? For three days – and after this event perhaps with increasing frequency – the stage will open perspectives to those for whom German city theaters fail to provide enough spotlight time. The program schedules performances, scenic interventions and concerts by and with: The Agency, Boiband, Marlene Monteiro Freitas, Henrike Iglesias, GIESCHEand, Tina Pfurr and Anna Zett, Anta Helena Recke and Julian Meding, Talking Straight, Jeremy Wade, Melanie Jame Wolf, WUSS, and many others.

The festival “Body Talk” has no intention of getting stuck in the – although urgently needed – self-criticism of the hetero-normative culture industry. In the midst of a heated ‘Zeitgeist’, the series of events focuses on sociopolitical debates, which frequently enough reflect massive set-backs for feminist, gender political and anti-racist movements. This is about the increase of Islamophobic trends and the events of the Cologne Domplatte square during last New Year’s Eve, about the sex trade related to flight and migration, about pick-up artists and sexualized violence in the public sphere and on the Internet, about the pressure of optimization which in the age of neo-liberalism is directed not exclusively at the female body. We will listen to lectures and discussions by and with: Paula-Irene Villa-Braslavsky, Barbara Duden, Stefanie Lohaus, and many others. There is much more to come than “Body Talk”. But it is a start.

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    By Anta Helena Recke and Julian Meding


    By Melanie Jame Wolf / Savage Amusement, in English