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“Este cuerpo mio” is a new work by Mariana Villegas that will be premiered at the Endstation Sehnsucht festival. The piece can certainly be regarded as a sequel to “Se rompen las olas”. The starting point is the question of whether it is possible and whether it even makes sense to revive the category of “beauty”, which has largely been compromised by the fashion and cosmetics industry. It is about the difference between people who appear desirable, and those who are despised because their appearance does not correspond to the norm.

Simply as a woman who is identifiably “Mexican”, Mariana Villegas sees herself as being excluded. “When people look at me, I feel no desire coming from them. I have learned to live with anticipating rejection. People of our origin rarely live up to the standards that are defined by the beauty industry. They exist in a world that moves outside of our cultural context and reality. Either one has the ‘right’ genes. Or you have to work very hard on yourself to meet these universal standards.”

“So I asked myself about my own desire”, says Mariana Villagas about the creative process of her work. “I wanted to be longed for, I wanted to be loved and was convinced that a change in my body would lead to the experience of being desirable. Later, I rejected the idea. Now my play is about the need to recognise the memory of the body. What is its story, what is its value? Which stories can my body tell and which can’t it tell? How has it felt everything? This is an exercise in perception – to look at it from another point of view, to get away from familiar surroundings, to bear it all and redefine the meaning of your own existence. Our whole existence is contained in our skin. Are we more than just our bodies?”

Part of Endstation Sehnsucht – Theater in Mexico: A festival about flight, identity and the representability of violence

Curated by Christoph Gurk and Ilona Goyeneche.

In cooperation with Goethe-Institut Mexiko. Funded by Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Supported by Secretaría de Cultura de México, Goethe-Institut München and Instituto Cervantes.

Next to the individual ticket a FESTIVAL PASS is available at the box office.

FESTIVAL PASS (for 6 days): 60 Euro / discounted 40 Euro

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Premiere on 27. November 2016