Kammer 3



How do circus acts and ballet go together? Florentina Holzinger answers this question with virtuoso physical prowess and a provocative search for the perfect woman. Her performances are explosive and sometimes physically brutal. The Austria-born choreographer often transposes movement materials from other disciplines – kickboxing, yoga, the circus or striptease – onto an unfamiliar context, thus questioning these forms and the boundaries of theatre. In “Apollon Musagète”, Florentina Holzinger, together with a completely female cast, reinterprets George Balanchine’s eponymous choreography. It revolves around Apollo, the Greek god of music, around whom the three muses of art gather. With an eye on her own artistic career, Florentina Holzinger translates this classical topos into a contemporary narrative about alienation and individual identity in relation to perfection and beauty. She also examines her own role as a woman and raises issues about today’s culture of the body. What does the perfect woman want? And what does the audience want from her? “Apollon Musagète” transfers the aesthetics of the circus act on to highbrow culture and weaves a fantasy of innocence and vice that oscillates between fiction and reality.

In the performance “Apollon Musagète” there are a couple of scenes, which represent self-injuring activies. They might have a disturbing effect on some spectators.