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Kammer 1/2/3

“Bring in the savage, bring in the loud, and fill our house with all the holy astronauts.” These lines from the song “Gravity” by The Notwist aptly describe our programme. For the fourth time, the band from Weilheim is bringing a variety of ensembles and artists from all over the world, a parallel universe of sounds, constellations and experiments rarely or never heard in Munich, who will perform on all the available stages of the Kammerspiele at the Alien Disko. The festival sees itself as a project to counter the global threat of populism, exclusion and isolation, the conservative dismantling of tolerant societies and the discrimination of everything that is, or appears to be, “different”. The guiding principles at the heart of Alien Disko have always been interdisciplinary music, non-categorisability and collaboration. Over the years, numerous friendships and collaborations have emerged from the festival, which will also influence this year’s programme.

The American experimental musician and multi-instrumentalist Ben Lamar Gay, for example, is returning to Munich, having enjoyed the Alien Disko so much last year and has added another three American musicians to his quartet. For the first time, Maxi Pongratz of Kofelgschroa is accompanied by Micha Acher from The Notwist and with a large ensemble for a one-off concert. The Tokyo based duo, the Tenniscoats, have appeared on the Alien Disko stage since its first round and this year they bring their brass band Zayaendo , which is modelled on the Hochzeitskapelle and Landlergschwister formations. They will also collaborate with other bands and projects at the festival.

As a rule, the Tokyo duo will be curating in the background all the time. So this year, we will be welcoming some artists from the seemingly endlessly creative Japanese indie scene: the electronic musician Tentenko, the experimental Asuna (performing together with Jan Jelinek), the superb Ichi, an extraterrestrial one-man-band – and the Eddie Marcon duo. Due to passport problems, the latter were unable to fly to Germany last year. Together with Saya and Ueno from the Tenniscoats and Markus Acher, Eddie Marcon will make up for the cancelled performance.

One of the programme’s highlights is certainly Sons of Kemet. Bridging the gap from New Orleans Second Line parades to current grime music rhythms, the British brass band around the saxophonist Shabaka Hutchins conveys political messages: “Your Queen is a reptile (…) your queen is not our queen.” The trio Big Joanie is one of the best-known representatives of a new London scene called “Punks of Colour”. The New Zealand musician Maxine Funke will play her fragile and beautiful folk songs for the first time in Germany.

In addition to Maxi Pongratz, three other Munich ensembles from the currently sensational local music scene can be found in the programme: Julian Warner aka Fehler Kuti und die Polizei present their album “Schland is the Place For Me”, which was released at the beginning of December, in a large band formation. Salewski gives a guest performance with his chanson project and gathers some of the greatest and most active representatives of the local indie scene on stage. On both evenings The Notwist will play short “Guerilla Shows”. After the regular concerts another legendary Kantinendisko will, of course, take place. In played DJ sets, Munich and international musicians will pass balls back and forth.

December 13 (Single Tickets here)

Maxi Pongratz und Verstärkung / Big Joanie / Shygirl / Salewski performs Chansons / Tentenko / Tyondai Braxton / Asuna & Jan Jelinek / Eddie Marcon / Jam Money & Aimée Henderson / Notwist Guerilla-Pocketband

December 14 (Singletickets here)

Sorry / Sons of Kemet / Ben Lamar Gay / 75 Dollar Bill / Zayaendo / Fehler Kuti und die Polizei / Maxine Funke / Ichi / Notwist Guerilla-Pocketband


DJ Tenniscoats / Stefan Schneider / Joasihno hypnotic trash machine & guests

Landlergschwister / Hochzeitskapelle / Zayaendo & guests

Have a look to our ALIENS DISKO #4 Playlist here.

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