Rhombi House

At Auermühlbach, near Lohstraße

If you stroll along Auermühlbach brook on a sunny September afternoon and your gaze is caught in a dazzling light show on the embankment, you are quite near to Rhombi House. Drop by, maybe you are lucky and there is a room available for sleeping. Or round up your three best friends and try with them what it would be like to share a flat since Rhombi House is built for living communities which have long ceased to consist only of father, mother, child and dog. How and with whom do we want to live? And could this silver jewel box on the water not serve as suitable training ground to prepare for a new life?

By: ONOFF Collective Berlin(Berk Asal, Marius Busch, Samuel Carvalho, Dan Dorocic, Nicholas Green, Suzanne Labourie, Anika Neubauer)

5-person apartment (can also be booked individually)

Double bed: 35 EUR, reduced 28 EUR per night (breakfast included)

2 single beds in twin room: 17.50 EUR per bed, reduced 14 EUR per night (breakfast included)

Additional bed in living room: 17.50 EUR, reduced 14 EUR per night (breakfast included)

Discounts apply for IKEA FAMILY members as well as others eligible for reduction.

Tickets at the box office of the Münchner Kammerspiele

Maximilianstr. 28, 80539 Munich

Phone: +49/89/233 966 00