Just an Illusion

On the Museumsinsel, directly at Deutsches Museum

As is well known, in the Song of the Nibelungs King Alberich keeps the treasure
of the Nibelungs. By means of a magic hood he can make himself invisible; but
Siegfried succeeds to take away the magic coat and thus is able to get to the
much sought after treasure of the Nibelungs. The Munich based Collective Sure
Sud sees space as a much sought after treasure which is to be concealed. With
its camouflage structure, their Shabbyshabby Apartment docks at the existing
place in a strikingly real way, integrating itself into its environment, and
thus becoming almost invisible. An asylum, a secret place, Collective Sure Sud
wants to create, and proclames: "Let the market not even know that you exist.
It´s your only chance."

By: Collective Sure Sud

2-person apartment 35 EUR, reduced 28 EUR, per night (breakfast included)

Discounts apply for IKEA FAMILY members as well as others eligible for reduction.

Tickets at the box office of the Münchner Kammerspiele
Maximilianstr. 28, 80539 Munich
Phone: +49/89/233 966 00