Isartor 1.1

In the Isartor


more than 650 years the Isartor gate has given protection to

passers-by and merchants. Formerly against attacks from hostile

besiegers, today against sudden rain showers during a shopping spree.

The Isartor was once Munich’s main entrance: kings and emperors

entered the town here. Today it at least still indicates the time,

although sometimes lacking some accuracy. A group from Linz has

rediscovered the Isartor as shelter and turns it into a berth with a

medieval touch. Surrounded by meter-wide walls and protected from the

urban heat and hustle by cool stones, the night-time inhabitant of

Isartor can dream of a dazzlingly beautiful knight or write a love

poem for a mustached damsel who may seek protection from the rising

sun and knock at the door to seek admission.

By: Stepana Cihlova, Katrin Engelbogen, Sebastian Moik, Vera Rupp, Simon Strobl, Rudolf Wittmann

2-person apartment 35 EUR, reduced 28 EUR, per night (breakfast included)

Discounts apply for IKEA FAMILY members as well as others eligible for reduction.

Tickets at the box office of the Münchner Kammerspiele

Maximilianstr. 28, 80539 Munich

Phone: +49/89/233 966 00