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Currently Preview Plays A-Z
Whispering in Stationary Trains
Based on the play by Clemens J. Setz Live theatre film by Visar Morina
Next date: 19.6.
The Shire
Patriotism in Silicon Valley and the blurred relationship between popular...
Next date: 24.6.
An audio piece about 24-hour care. Concept, text, sound: Florian Fischer,...
Next date: 18.6. Uraufführung
A project by Falk Richter & Anouk van Dijk Text author and director:...
“We Blacks Must Stick Together” – A Rejoinder
A travel project by E. Agbédjidji, R. Alfa, P. Assem, J. D. Bessoga, O....
Next date: 17.6.
Money makes me cry
Eine Minute für eine*n Zuschauer*in Mit: Wiebke Puls Konzept: Jan Bosse
Next date: 27.6. Uraufführung
Bavarian Suffragettes
Stückentwicklung zur Geschichte der Münchner Frauenbewegung von J....