Photo: Jessica Schäfer


The Fe.Male Trail

A Nick Cave evening by and with Katharina Bach & her band, aka Bitchboy

 Schauspielhaus
 1 hour 40 minutes
 Strobe Effect
 Schauspielhaus
 1 hour 40 minutes
 Strobe Effect

“Orpheus went leaping through the fields / Strumming as hard as he did please / Birdies detonated in the sky / Bunnies dashed their brains out on the trees […] God picked up a giant hammer / And He threw it with a thunderous yell / It smashed down hard on Orpheus’ head / And knocked him down a well […] The well went down very deep / Very deep went down the well / The well went down so very deep / Well, the well went down to hell” Nick Cave

Katharina Bach is Orpheus for the evening and, along with her Bitchboys, thrashes text sculptures and a panoply of Nick Cave songs into the theatre underworld.

The Sorrowful Wife turns into the Loverman, Henry Lee – holding Opium Tea in his Red Right Hand – twists towards Tupelo to Weep the Higgs Boson Blues, From Her to Eternity, under Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow. So Hold On to Yourself, or rather, Get Ready for Love

Revenge is just a picture, just a picture, just a picture.

I ram my head through all the lovers’ barbed wire, I want to get into this loneliness together. I can also turn blood into life, I can also bear children. I can reproduce you too. I’m soft and warm, although a little scarred from all the barbed wire. But. Lick me off. I’ll drive the nail through your tongue right into my heart. If you lie the right way, you can look up at the sky forever. And in the end you’ll hang on the cross as a raggedy Jesus, no matter how much of a woman you are.
Yeah, you’ll have to laugh a little.
You have to.
A little.

  • Singer Katharina Bach
  • Drums Martin Standke
  • Bass Tim Roth
  • Piano Yuriy Sych
  • Guitar Tomek Witiak
  • Text & Composition Nick Cave, Marty Paul Casey, Mick Harvey, Barry Adamson, Thomas Wydler, Warren Ellis, Blixa Bargeld, Hugo Race, Anita Lane, Conway Savage, Jim Sclavunos, und bitchboy
  • Directed by Katharina Bach
  • Stage Design Martin Holzhauer, Leonard Mandl
  • Lighting Design Charlotte Marr
  • Sound Ulrich Treutwein, Wolfram Schild, Martin Sraier-Krügermann
  • Video Ikenna David Okegwo
  • Dramaturge Sebastian Reier
  • Costumes Martina Suchanek, Florian Buder
  • Make-up Caroline Montfort
  • Stage Manager Barbara Stettner
  • Technical Production Management Richard Illmer
  • Artistic Production Management Daniela Schroll

Video: Benjamin Lüdtke