By Christoph Frick
World Premiere

 Premiere: Season 22/23
 2 hours
 Premiere: Season 22/23
 2 hours

How is our food produced? By whom and under what conditions? And what will agriculture look like in the future?

With reference to asparagus production in Bavaria, “FOOD – Part 1” looks at competition between farmers and the pressure to optimise their businesses as well as at the thousands of seasonal workers, mostly from Eastern Europe, who travel to Germany each spring to harvest the coveted crop.

Asparagus is one of the few special crops that can turn a profit in agriculture. But is it possible to reconcile these returns with low prices for consumers and dignified working conditions for the harvesters?

Digital and precision farming are the future. Farmers now increasingly spend their time in the office instead of out in the fields. It is all about enhancements in efficiency and a lot of money. No other trade association in Germany is credited with having such a direct influence on politics as the German Farmers’ Association.

The FOOD research project asks farmers about their ideals, traditions and entrepreneurial spirit – and tells of the conditions under which harvesters work in Germany, as well as the stories they bring with them, and the ones they take back home.

“Being a farmer means pursuing a fulfilling profession with independent decision-making and responsibility towards people, animals and nature – for the production of food and energy, with commitment to family, property and the rural community.” (Mission Statement from the German Farmers’ Association).

FOOD is a multi-part research project by director Christoph Frick, in cooperation with the independent Swiss group KLARA.

Dates & Tickets
Fri 17.6. 19:30 – 21:30
Premiere Postponed to 22/23
  • Premiere: Season 22/23
  • 2 hours