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Erwin Aljukić wears a light-colored shirt and holds a broom in his hand. He seems to be looking upwards, possibly at a projection or a light that is cast on the ceiling. This projection has a reddish color. On the right of the picture you can see the side of the wooden house with the flower boxes full of red flowers.

Photo: Armin Smailovic


Nachtgespräch “Die Verteidigung des Paradieses”

Follow-up discussion on the play with students of theater studies

 Glasspitz & Probebühne
 12.7.2024
 4 hours
 Glasspitz & Probebühne
 12.7.2024
 4 hours

Studierende der Theaterwissenschaft laden im Anschluss an die Vorstellungen zu multisensorischen Reflexionen und Austausch ein.

Beteiligte: Behin Bodaghi, Marie Chazalon, Marlene Käding, Elisabeth Maslik, Franziska Rauschmeier, Liudmyla Voloshka

Im Rahmen der Übung “Für Alle. Institution und Zielgruppen” (Dozentin: Eva Kirchner), Lehrstuhl Prof. Dr. Meike Wagner

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Die Verteidigung des Paradieses
An End-Times Fantasy Based on the Novel by Thomas von Steinaecker...