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RCE – #RemoteCodeExecution

By Sibylle Berg in an adaptation by Dennis Duszczak and Hannah Saar
Year group production by the Otto Falckenberg School

 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 Premiere: 8.3.2025
 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 Premiere: 8.3.2025

A blueprint for world revolution — Director: Dennis Duszaczak

A group of young nerds has buckled down and accepted the crisis as a permanent state and injustice as a constant. They are employed by dubious start-ups or tech giants as gamers, IT workers and programmers. They sleep under their office desks because even small, unheated flat-shares have become unaffordable. But then a message pops up on their smartphones – and with it, a spark of hope. A short time later, in a bug-proof container in Switzerland, they are planning nothing less than the overthrowing of the world.

The fact that Sibylle Berg’s unashamedly angry and cynical language combines perfectly with Dennis Duszczak’s playful directing style has already been demonstrated in his production of “GRM. Brainfuck” which was invited to the 2023 “Radikal Jung” festival in Munich and won the Master Class award. In the 24/25 season, Duszczak is directing an adaptation of Berg’s follow-up novel “RCE – #RemoteCodeExecution” with the third-year students from the Otto Falckenberg School. Because: Resistance is not futile.

“Do I still have hope? Hoping is too passive for me. When dystopias become reality, it is time to act and not just hope. This is what Sibylle Berg does with her writing. In all her unsparing social analysis, she creates characters who take the fate of the world into their own hands. At the same time, her novel becomes a handbook for how to intervene in reality.”

– Dennis Duszczak, director

  • With dem 3. Jahrgang der Otto Falckenberg Schule
  • Directed by Dennis Duszczak
  • Costume Design Frederike Coors
  • Music Lutz Spira
  • Dramaturgy Hannah Saar
Dates & Tickets
Sat 8.3.25
RCE – #RemoteCodeExecution
  • Therese-Giehse-Halle
  • Premiere: 8.3.2025