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Oh Schreck!

A Vampire Comedy by Jan-Christoph Gockel, inspired by F. W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” and the life of Max Schreck

 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere: 24.1.2025
 Schauspielhaus
 World premiere
 Premiere: 24.1.2025

Get bitten!

He became an international cult figure playing a vampire in F. W. Murnau’s film “Nosferatu”. At the same time, in the mid-1920s, Max Schreck was an actor at the Münchner Kammerspiele. And, allegedly, he still resides in the cellars of the building on Maximilian Strasse, where – as was already the case under the leadership of Otto Falckenberg – there is chatter about “a traditional theatre in crisis”. So they – finally – hire a real star: Max Schreck rises from the depths beneath the stage to new popularity. Meanwhile, the director starts to realise that several bloodsuckers may be involved in this “bloodless theatre” – both in front of and behind the scenes. He becomes acquainted with more and more vampires and learns about their lives. Isolated from the world, often denigrated as an elite, these creatures look at the crises and wars of our day from a different point of view, because they have seen so many already.

The question arises: do you have to drain others to survive or is there another way? And will the stage version of “Nosferatu” be a success or a deadly disaster? In this performance, a brilliant silent-film piano accompaniment, live-drawn horror tableaux and an ensemble of very lively vampires, people and puppets take us into an, at times, highly comedic realm of shadows.

“To keep with F. W. Murnau: you don’t have to ‘play’ a vampire; it suffices to be one.”

– Jan-Christoph Gockel, director

Dates & Tickets
Fri 24.1.25
Premiere Abo: Premierenabo
Tue 28.1.25
Abo: Zweitaufführungsabo
Sun 9.2.25
Abo: Sonntagnachmittag
Wed 12.2.25
Abo: Mittwoch blau
Mon 10.3.25
Abo: Montag grün
Thu 13.3.25
Abo: Donnerstag weiß
Mon 17.3.25
Abo: Montag weiß
Wed 19.3.25
Abo: Mittwoch orange
Fri 20.6.25
Abo: Freitag blau
Sun 13.7.25
Abo: Sonntag weiß
Sat 19.7.25
Abo: Samstag blau
Tue 22.7.25
Abo: Dienstag grün
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Oh Schreck!
  • Schauspielhaus
  • World premiere
  • Premiere: 24.1.2025