View from above of a wooden table illuminated by a desk lamp. Two people are sitting opposite each other with their hands on the table. Various objects lie between them.

Photo: Nicole Marianna Wytyczak


The Art of Becoming a Cyborg

Immersive performance by Amon Ritz

 Pavillon 333, TU Munich
 World premiere
 25.6. & 26.6.2024
 Pavillon 333, TU Munich
 World premiere
 25.6. & 26.6.2024

How are the electronic products that we use every day and that determine our lives created? The visitors to the theater evening in Pavilion 333 at TUM first build a headlamp themselves, working in small groups. Afterwards, they all become cyborgs through their headlamps, blurring the line between human and machine, between organism and artifact. In the production by media artist Amon Ritz, the light of the headlamp puts the audience in a state of permanent readiness and invites them to question themselves. Discover the TUM campus (anew): Outside Pavilion 333, the K67: Habibi Trafika provides food and drink and the CINE VELO CITÉ provides open-air cinema.

Info: or on Insta: @tum.culture.arts

  • With David Merlin Demuschewski, Bérénice Dumas, Lars von Kiedrowski, Carlo Schmitt, Lea Grande, Leonie Staby, Henrike Tünnermann
  • Text recordings Anja Signitzer, Stefan Merki
  • Direction & Concept Amon Ritz
  • Stage design Onno Gaissmaier
  • Costume Pauline Schulze
  • Music Lilian Mikorey
  • Dramaturgy Lukas März
  • Technical management Niklas Ludwig
  • Headlamp kit Lotta Stöver
  • Production management Leonie Staby
  • Assistant director Lea Grande
  • Costume assistance Julia Dengler
  • Stage design assistant Berkant Demircan
  • Projectmanagement TUM "Art meets Technology" Clara Valdés-Stauber
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