Photo: Gabriela Neeb


The Hills Have Crazy Eyes

Woman in a landscape
Performance by Anna McCarthy

 Schauspielhaus
 15.5.2024
 German, English
 Schauspielhaus
 15.5.2024
 German, English

Anna McCarthy’s new music performance surrounding violence and mountaineering will be shown on the main stage of the Munich Kammerspiele.

“The Hills Have Crazy Eyes - Woman in a Landscape” deals with violence against women and mountaineering told through the history of alpinism and nature perception. Violence against women is addressed in a sentient search for new strategies of coping and healing.

The mountain as a symbol of aggression has become porous; the glaciers are melting and the rocks are crumbling. Summit fixation has become superfluous. A renaissance in the perception of nature occurs, told through a group of melting figures that have immersed themselves, been overgrown, and thus are able to communicate with the mountain as a living organism.

Anna McCarthy and Manuela Rzytki recently electrified the Kammerspiel audience with the performance of their band What Are People For? at the birthday party of Munich’s finest record store Optimal. Following “It’s a Stake Strike”, as part of the Global Angst conference, a ritual mixture of parade and opera, McCarthy embarks on a new genre-bending performance work with “The Hills Have Crazy Eyes”, for which the visual artist, musician and author brings together extraordinary talents: The performance is created in close collaboration with musician Manuela Rzytki, a musical ensemble, video artist Vanessa Hafenbrädl, dancers, climbers, performers and the KÖŞK choir.

On the occasion of the performance, McCarthy will be presenting an accompanying publication with Edition Taube and a bronze edition with Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in collaboration with Sperling.

  • Music Manuela Rzytki
  • Video Vanessa Hafenbrädl
  • Musicians Theresa Loibl, Sinem Arslan Ströbel, Zoro Babel, Veronica Burnuthian, der KÖŞK Chor: Katrin Baumer, Marie Brendel, Ergül Cengiz, Karine Chabrel, Claudia Dodo Pfau, Ulrike Ebenbeck, Dagi Ensslen, Britta Eriskat, Anja Hoffman, Sabine Hohenester, Andrea Huber, Barbara Jacob, Sabine Klötzer, Susn Kohl, Katharina Lindemann, Barbara Lipp, Carola Mann, Edith Mirwald, Christian Nothaft, Anna Paulsteiner, Susanne Pittroff, Gundula Rathjen-Hähr, Sabine Ruchlinski, Anne Schmidt, Daniel Scholz, Katrin Sorko, Uta Steinhoff, Steffi Studnitz, Lisa Wagner-Zojaji, Sabine Zechner
  • Performer Paulina Nolte, Charlotte Huber, Andreas Pöschl, Nina Gottschling, Susanne Beck, Anna McCarthy
  • Dramaturgy MK Olivia Ebert, Sebastian Reier
  • Artistic direction MK Daniela Schroll
  • Consulting Sabine Klötzer