World Down Syndrome Day
The Down-Kind e.V. Munich and the Habibi Kiosk of the Münchner Kammerspiele invite you to Tee21

 Habibi Kiosk
 21.3.2024
 Free of charge
 Habibi Kiosk
 21.3.2024
 Free of charge

On March 21, we will meet at the Habibi Kiosk in Munich from 4:30 pm.
This is a place for events, talks and concerts.
It belongs to the Münchner Kammerspiele. The Kammerspiele is a theater.
People with down syndrome also perform here.
On this day, we are drawing attention to ourselves and inviting everyone!

Our idea:

We meet for tea at the Habibi Kiosk.
It’s like a family get-together.
We can then chat.
Everyone is invited to visit us.
Even people who don’t know much about Down’s syndrome.

Because people with and without disabilities should talk to each other much more.

Anyone can take part! Would you like to help with our campaign beforehand or find out more? Then get in touch with us:

Down-Kind e.V. Munich
Karolin Knote

Our Tee21 campaign is free of charge. No pre-registration is necessary.
The Habibi Kiosk is suitable for wheelchairs.
If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact:

After Tee21 there will be a concert at 19:00 in the Münchner Kammerspiele.
Actors with Down’s syndrome will also be singing and reading there.
It is called Masters of Inclusion and is by the Munich Symphony Orchestra.

Dennis Fell-Hernandez, conductor Joseph Bastian, Jelena Kuljić, Fabian Moraw, Luisa Wöllisch, Elias Krischke and Maren Solty stand together at a grand piano.
Masters of Inclusion
Concert for World Down Syndrome Day presented by the Munich Symphony Orchestra