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Potrait of Bonnie Prince Oldham

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Bonnie ‚Prince‘ Billy

Back on tour in Germany after more than ten years
Support: Ned Collette

 Schauspielhaus
 13.10.2024
 Schauspielhaus
 13.10.2024

To introduce one of the most important and fascinating singer/songwriters of our time here would be like carrying owls to Nashville. His songs are about love and horror and many other things. His concerts are legendary.

And Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, alias Will Oldham, enjoys singing and playing - especially live, in front of an audience with whom he shares the experience of a concert: “The communication of music in emotion, release and catharsis, to edify, to entertain.” In 2024, he will finally be back on tour in Germany after more than ten years.

His latest album “Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You”, released in summer 2023, was critically acclaimed (number 6 of the “50 Best Albums of 2023” in Rolling Stone!) and celebrated by fans:

“A classic singer/songwriter album by someone who is a classic himself and knows it. And you know that he knows that we know that too, at the latest when he sings: ‘Ding dong / Ding dong ding dong”. Yes, seriously: the way Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy sings poetry, even the tinkling of the ‘Crazy Blue Bells’ becomes poetry.” (Thomas Winkler, Musikexpress, 5 stars)

“A ray of light in the darkness.” (Christian Riethmüller, FAZ)

“Haunting folk that tells of a threatened world. (…) Folk without the sweetness that is sometimes inherent to the genre - especially on the edges of pop. Oldham, on the other hand, sings of doubts that are painful, tells stories that are deeply rooted: ‘Everyone cries when we feel like nobody trusts us / Everyone dies in the end so there’s nothing to hide / Like it or not, I’m singing destruction. As always, the haunting vocals reflect a world that threatens to suffocate and strangle us, as it says in “Blood Of The Wine”. One antidote – the songwriter is convinced of this – is cohesion and community. (…) The apocalyptic ‘Trees Of Hell’ laments the ongoing destruction of nature to which everyone contributes. It is the darkest and most beautiful song on this once again very moving album.” (Jürgen Ziemer, Rolling Stone, 4 stars)

The songs of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy tell of the dark and sad world in which we are forced to live, but also of hope and redemption, as we know it from the late Johnny Cash (who interpreted Will Oldham’s “I See A Darkness” so wonderfully). Solidarity and companionship: community!

“People and the world, so beautiful and terrible. So much to love and to not like. In the living, ‘Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You’ enables me to let it all out, to let go again, and suggest to us all that we get while the getting is good.”

“They are songs to reflect on, but also songs that encourage and show perspectives. ‘Songs for eternity’” (according to Maik Brüggemeyer in Rolling Stone).

“In a calm, reflective tone of voice, the enchanted prince measured themes of cosmic proportions such as love, sex, desire and loss. An eccentric out of passion. Gothic Americana.” (Peter Kemper, FAZ)

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Sun 13.10. 8 pm
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Bonnie ‚Prince‘ Billy
  • Schauspielhaus
  • 13.10.2024