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Habibi Goethe: A Performative International Discussion Series

By and with the Goethe Institute

Moderation: Rania Mleihi

Event script: Habibi Goethe (episode 1)

Venturing beyond the city limits and back again, Habibi Goethe aims to explore places and regions where borders merge and life stories converge. This glimpse of the world is designed to open the Kiosk’s doors to people bringing different perspectives, enabling us to view topics in a different light. With ‘Habibi Goethe’, we aim to create a meeting space and, possibility, connect threads to form new relationships. At the same time, with the aid of personal biographies we want to consider the question of how artistic voices are expressed in different places, how they are made visible, and how they come together and form alliances. However, we also want to know what obstacles they are faced with. We are always dealing with the question of how access to cultural sites is arranged for specific communities.

The first episode of the ‘Habibi Goethe’ series travels from Munich to Athens, and then to Caracas. We meet people who are drawn to places, but also those who left their own cities. In an interplay of conversations and artistic contributions, artists from these three cities, plus the Goethe Institute’s cultural intermediaries, will seek out commonalities, differences and connecting lines between the three spaces.

Participants: Rania Mleihi (moderation), Stephanie Maiwald (Director of the Goethe Institute Caracas), Stefanie Peter (Regional Program Director, Goethe Institute Athens), Malu Valerio (artist and activist, Caracas), Diana Rangel (artist and psychologist, Barcelona), Adamantios Kafetzis (Teranga Beat, Athens), Voltnoi Berge and Makis Kentepozidis (Movement Radio, Athens)