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Neue Dramatik: We proudly present: Laura Santos & Paula Kläy

Lecture Performance & Artist Talk

 Habibi Kiosk
 5.6.2023
 2 hours
 Free of charge
 Habibi Kiosk
 5.6.2023
 2 hours
 Free of charge

In the context of their author residency at Münchner Kammerspiele, the authors Laura Santos (Argentina) and Paula Kläy (Switzerland) introduce themselves to the Munich audience with a lecture performance and a reading of their texts.

Laura Santos

MADRE ANIMAL is a story about the experience of leaving and giving birth, of going away, far away. A story of rediscovering and resignifying the meaning of a story on the journey, of a migrant and creaturely motherhood.

In her reading performance, Laura Santos takes motherhood as a form of migration that brings forth earlier and yet unvisited migrations. Everything revolves around migrating, leaving, giving birth and a return to nature.

MADRE ANIMAL was presented in April 2023 at Studio R of the Gorki Maxim Theatre together with the five artists Laura Santos, Laura Jimenez, Anna Mariscal, Nicol Rivera and Jasmine Bakalarz as part of the performance series “Archivo Madre”. Curated by Lola Arias and produced by Karne Kunst, the performative readings dealt with motherhood, migration and feminism from the perspective of Latin American artists.

Gigantic Loneliness (AT)

Paula Kläy

But it’s like this:
I put a hand on my chest
I feel nothing
I put my hand on a hotplate
And it hurts

In the house at the end of the street, someone has just died. While the corpse waits on the second floor for the delayed funeral company, the haulage company is already putting the belongings on the streets: The oak table, the complete edition, the hiking boots. All that remains of a life at the end. The residents search the estate for items they could take possession of. Stories and memories spin around the things, charge the objects with meaning and create a life that no longer exists and so probably never did. “Gigantic Loneliness” tells of dealing with death, of the insane fact that it is attached to every life, inevitably coming closer with each passing day. The faint hope that later it will not disappear without a sound: On every windowsill a memory, soon only a metaphor for the inadequacy of life itself. A body dissolves, but how do things dissolve?

Texts read by Sebastian Berchtold, Felicitas Friedrich, Annika Molke, Çağla Şahin, Paula Schlagbauer, Paula Kläy