Prince Emrah on stage

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İÇ İÇE: Konzertnacht

Main Event of the festival for new anatolian music

 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 14.7.2023
 20 €, reduced 10 €
 Therese-Giehse-Halle
 14.7.2023
 20 €, reduced 10 €

A roaring music night with Nalan with band, Berlin’s disco queen king Anthony Hüseyin, the Istanbul archive beatmaker Grup Ses and a performance by Prince Emrah.

20:00 Antony Hüseyin Berlin’s electro disco Misko Queen King Anthony Hüseyin rains red roses.

21:00 Nalan Tears, pain and joy - the Munich singer brings the meaning of her name to the stage.

22:00 Prince Emrah He was an absolute legend even before he was born and bellydanced now in the Kammerspiele. Sensational!

Good to know: Prince Emrah gives a Belly Dance Workshop on Fri 14.7. 18:00 in the Werkraum as part of Campus #12. Registration free at

22:30 Grup Ses The beat maker and overlord of Turkish Crate Digging plays his first gig in Germany.

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İÇ İÇE: Festival of new Anatolian music
Campus #12 İÇ İÇE – Festival for new Anatolian music