In the entrance door of Habibi Kiosk hangs a banner with the inscription: "İÇ İÇE: Festival of New Anatolian Music".

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Warm Up for İÇ İÇE – Festival für neue anatolische Musik

 Habibi Kiosk
 13.7.2023
 6 hours
 Habibi Kiosk
 13.7.2023
 6 hours

İÇ İÇE and Ausarten present cozy grooving to the furor of the days ahead with DJ sets, panels, Çay and views of the luxury mile of luxury miles.

16:00 Reception
Under the motto “BİZ BİZE” - in German “unter uns” - the cooperation partners invite you to Habibi Kiosk on Thursday to ring in the start of İÇ İÇE. It is our wish to get into conversation with you.

17:30 Welcome to İÇ İÇE - Talk with the Festival Makers
Melissa Kolukisagil, İÇ İÇE
Nabila Abdel Aziz, AusArten
Katha Walpoth, Import Export
Sebastian Reier, Münchner Kammerspiele

Moderated by Hülya Weller

18:30 Berivan Kaya (Live)
The Cologne-based artist has just dropped her fantastic debut single “Megaloman” and she’s already playing for you.

19:00 Mery (DJ)
Curly Anadolu Pop fresh from the stick of the newcomer from Munich.

The space is decorated by the exhibition “للحب تسعة وتسعون أسمًا - The 99 Names Of Love” (13. - 22.7.) by Luka Toprak. Luka (*1997) is a Kurdish/German artist. Heritage, origin and identity are the main topics of her work within the field of dance and as a self-tought painter. In her exhibition »للحب تسعة وتسعون أسمًا - The 99 Names Of Love« ink on paper speaks volumes of longing, çay, searching, the scent of jasmine, the warmth of the east and being home in the world.

Instagram: @itschitsche, @aus_art_en

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Prince Emrah on stage
İÇ İÇE: Festival of new Anatolian music Music
İÇ İÇE: Konzertnacht
Main Event of the festival for new anatolian music