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What is the City? - 1.11.

Conversations about the city
ATTENTION: The date has been changed from 2 November to 1 November. (17:00)

In ‘What is the City?’ we aim to give space to ideas about the future of our city and communal life that do not assume that we will return to a pre-coronavirus status quo.

Many individual actors, institutes and initiatives shape Munich’s cultural and social life, and for some time have already been working on creating an urban society based on solidarity. How can we think and act together in times of massive changes and the erosion of public spaces?

Do we think aloud together, do we seek connections in our decentralized practices, and with our specific knowledge and ideas? We are formulating a mission for politics –- but also for ourselves: how can we shape Munich together under the new conditions? In what direction do we want to go? How do we want to live in 10 years’ time? Together, let’s work out what our goals are for society!

On 1 November, we invite you to an initial local talk and public exchange in the Therese Giehse Hall. The conversations that will be held on 10 October at Odeonsplatz and on the rostra during the lecture will continue in a common public space for thinking and discussing. Actors and representatives from initiatives in many sectors in the city provide input on their situation and their visions. The space and microphone are open to anyone who is interested in having a collective discussion.

What constitutes a city full of solidarity?

What is your opinion, or that of your initiative or institution?

What do you fear?

Where do you see Munich in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time?

What options do we have for reshaping our city?

How do we create alliances?

Descriptions of the city’s current state, arguments and snapshots will be collected and published in a summary.

Entry is free, though registration is required. Tickets can be purchased online via München-Ticket or at the box office, 26–28 Maximilianstrasse.