Tupoka Ogette: ‘The Boards that mean the World: criticising racism at the theatre’

Keynote speech to mark Barbara Mundel's directorship

 11.10.2020
 11.10.2020

Even though racism affects all aspects of German society, it is not easy to talk about it. The discussion of racism and our own involvement in this system is an important step toward fighting racism itself. Tupoka Ogette works all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland as an expert on diversity and anti-discrimination, and published the book ‘exit RACISM’. For the opening of the Münchner Kammerspiele’s new directorship, Ogette provides insight into her work as well as initial incentives to make people more sensitive to race, and enable them to integrate a perspective that is critical of racism into both their personal lives and their work environments.

Tupoka Ogette studied African studies and German as a foreign language at Leipzig University. She subsequently completed a Masters in International Business at the Graduate School of Business in Grenoble, France. After her studies she taught for some time as a DAAD lecturer at Université Stendhal in Grenoble and organised both small and large events. Since 2012 Tupoka has been working as a freelance trainer and consultant on the subject of anti-racism and thinking critically about racism. Her first book, ‘exit racism: learning to think critically about racism’, appeared in 2017, followed by her podcast ‘Tupodcast: conversations between sisters’ in 2019.

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