The Second Woman

By Nat Randall & Anna Breckon

 Werkraum
 Premiere: December 2022
 Werkraum
 Premiere: December 2022

In a spectacular durational performance lasting 24 hours, Wiebke Puls repeats a single scene 100 times. Opposite her, 100 different individuals from Munich play her male counterpart. Multiple cameras capture the subtle differences between each variation of the scene, rendering visible the minute nuances in the performers’ expressions. As each random actor changes the scene’s meaning, they all have one thing in common: whether you stay for an hour or 24 hours, the relentless potency of gendered power becomes etched in your memory.

  • With: Wiebke Puls, 100 Männern
  • Text & Directed by: Anna Breckon, Nat Randall
  • Video: EO Gill, Anna Breckon
  • Lighting Design: Amber Silk, Kayla Burrett
  • Sounddesign: Nina Buchanan
  • Mask Concept: Sophie Roberts
  • Production Management: Fenn Gordon for Tandem
Spielzeit 22/23