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“We Blacks Must Stick Together” – A Rejoinder

A travel project by E. Agbédjidji, R. Alfa, P. Assem, J. D. Bessoga, O. Ebert, D. Galiao, J.-C. Gockel, D. Kalanféi, J. Kurzweg, N. Mensah-Offei, M. Pietsch, K. Togbonou, M. Weigel, E. Zuleeg

 Livestream & Werkraum
 1 hour 40 minutes
 German with French and French with German surtitles
 Premiere: 20.3.2021
 8-80 Euro
 Livestream & Werkraum
 1 hour 40 minutes
 German with French and French with German surtitles
 Premiere: 20.3.2021
 8-80 Euro

“We blacks must stick together” was the dictum stated by then-Minister President of Bavaria, Franz Joseph Strauß (a member of the CSU political party whose party color is black), to justify his close friendship with Togo’s former president, Gnassingbé Eyadéma. This political alliance between two men placed economic interests before human rights and thus provided for continuity in the (post-)colonial relationship between the two countries—a relationship Germany had only just started to come to terms with.

An artistic team with an international background and biographical connections in Togo and Bavaria traces the present-day resonances in both places of the relationship between the colonists and those who were colonized.

  • Lighting: Christian Schweig, Christian Mahrla, Sebastien Lachenmaier, Tankred Friedrich
  • Video technology & live stream: Thomas Zengerle
  • Live music: Komi Togbonou, Martin Weigel, PERforMERK II quad analog synthesizer
  • Sound film scenes: Caled Boukari
  • Translation and surtitles: Charlotte Bomy, Yvonne Griesel
  • Stage-management: Stefanie Rendtorff, Trevor Nelthorpe
  • Prompting: Jutta Masurath
  • Scientific supervision: Dr. Kokou Azamede
  • Outside Eye: Kokutekeleza Musebeni
  • Assistant Director: Noémi Ola Berkowitz
  • Stage design assistant: Hannah Wolf
  • Costume assistant: Mirjam Pleines
  • Coordination research tour and live stream Lomé: Goethe Institut Lomé (Edem Attiogbé, Séraphin N’Taré Adjogah)
  • Translation/Assistance research tour : Assima Tcharie Aboua
  • Driver Research Tour: Roland Romain Badjana, Che Che
  • Artistic production management: Victoria Fischer
  • Technical production management: Rainer Bernt, Lukas Balthasar Pank
  • Video: Thomas Zengerle, Dirk Windloff
  • Props Manager: Dagmar Nachtmann, Heidemarie Sänger
  • Sound: Anthony Hughes
  • Stage machinery: Ulrich Heyer
  • Makeup artist: Paula Bitaroczky
  • Costume: Bernd Canavan, Petra Dziak
  • Carpentry: Stefan Klodt-Bussmann, Sebastian Nebe, Wolfgang Mechmann
  • Metalworker: Friedrich Würzhuber
  • Upholstery:
  • Painting hall: Evi Eschenbach, Jeanette Raue, Ingrid Weindl
  • Theatre Sculpture: Maximilian Biek
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Watch the digital introduction. Ensemble member Komi Togbonou and dramaturg Olivia Ebert talk about the play development and artistic collaboration.

(c) Eike Zuleeg | Cinematographer

Click here for the digital programme booklet with information on the artistic collaborations and other material.