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Club Culture

Theatre Checker

As a theatre checker you get access to the backstage area, insight into rehearsal processes and free tickets - even to premieres. You meet directors, actors, dramaturges, interfere, question everything, give feedback and cause confusion. You share your experiences in the form of actions, installations, texts, dialogues, videos, performances, parties or self-invented formats. Check out the theatre!

For theatre checkers between 15 and 23.

Kill Your Darlings

A lab for up-and-coming artists that works something like this: First, you’re a bit of a good boy and acquire skills in the different areas of theatre - acting, directing, set design, lighting, sound and video technology. Then you get uncomfortable and do your very own theatre thing. You develop plays. You perform them. You turn the MK upside down.

A laboratory for young artists between 14 and 21.

Holiday trips

Summer Academy

Use your holidays for something unreasonable: in six workshops you will experiment with the means of contemporary theatre for five days. You will work closely with directors, actors, costume designers and video professionals - and then present your ideas, outpourings and results.

The Summer Academy is the prelude and impulse for Kill Your Darlings.

Summer Academy from 6-10 September 2021 for people between 14 and 21 who like to experiment.

Easter Camp

Are you ready for a restless Easter? This is where things get a little wilder and more experimental. You’ll watch and do theatre. You will be coached by artists, you will loosen up, dance, perform, sing, film, improvise. At the end, you present what you have thought up and worked out. In front of an audience, of course.

A co-op camp by Schauburg and MK. From 19 to 23 April 2022, for a maximum of 100 children and young people. Registration from 1 February 2022