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Hello, dear young people, pupils, students, teachers, theatre activists of all ages! Here you can come into real contact with the theatre, have a direct line to our artists and full access to all the artistic means we use at MK. We offer guided tours, workshops, talks with artists and other meeting formats. This is where we continue our education together.

Elke Bauer, Arts Education, School Material, Club Culture
Julia Lena Maier, MK: Campus
Charlotte Huber (FSJ)

+49 (0)89 / 233 368 17


How do we improve the cooperation between school and theatre, between teachers, students and theatre professionals? How do we get to know and understand each other better? How do we release synergies? Like this: We create space for creative encounters. We initiate artistic alliances. We do not leave education alone.


How about starting your own theatre club. You can have the MK stages and access all kinds of resources. You can research, experiment and improvise. In workshops, camps and your own projects you can discuss and perform what is really important to you. Do you need anything else or can you get started?

For everyone between 14 and 23.


The Campus is an interdisciplinary space for reflection for young adults at the Kammerspiele. A Campus takes place several times a season in connection with selected productions in the programme. Young people meet to discuss the socio-political background of the respective production with invited guests and to position themselves in the artistic process. Artists, journalists and activists meet here with theoreticians, lawyers and trade unionists. Collective knowledge is created through joint exchange and by looking beyond one’s own discipline. The effect of theatre on the individual and on society gains a productive element here: it turns the participants into actors.

“Kontinuitäten rechten Terrors in München” - Ein digitaler Stadtrundgang mit Robert Andreasch zu Schauplätzen rechten Terrors in München. Entstanden im Rahmen von MK: Campus#1 “9/26 - Das Oktoberfestattentat”


Gisela Carbajal Rodríguez,”DesktopDocu”, 2021

Entstanden im Rahmen von MK: Campus#2 “Wir Schwarzen müssen zusammenhalten” - Eine Erwiderung

Leila Keita, “farbe”, 2021

Entstanden im Workshop „Film als Selbstermächtigungsstrategie und Perspektiven des Empowerments für BiPOC“. Ein Teil des MK: Campus#2 „Wir Schwarzen müssen zusammenhalten“ - Eine Erwiderung