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Ein philharmonischer Spaß

Matinee with Stofferl Well

 Schauspielhaus
 1 hour 30 minutes
 Schauspielhaus
 1 hour 30 minutes

Stofferl Well, former principal trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, goes on a musical journey of discovery with his former Philharmonic colleagues.
The ensemble ranges from high classical music to folk music from Bavaria to South America and varies the instrumentation from solo to chamber music. Free from pigeonholing and reservations, they play to their heart’s content from Mozart and C. M. von Weber to alphorn yodelling and clarinet muckle, whatever they enjoy and like.

  • Violine Victoria Margasyuk, Traudel Reich
  • Viola Wolfgang Berg
  • Violoncello Sissy Schmidhuber
  • Contrabass Alexander Weiskopf
  • Clarinet & Recorder Alexandra Gruber
  • Bassoon Raffaele Giannotti
  • Moderation Christoph (Stofferl) Well