​Vincenzo Bellini

Vincenzo Bellini was born in 1801 into a Sicilian family of musicians and entered upon an early musical career. In his early twenties he wrote his first operas and was so successful that he continued composing and attracted the attention of the Milan Scala. In Milan he got to know the librettist Felice Romani who wrote almost all libretti for Bellini’s future operas until they fell out shortly before Bellini’s death at the age of 33. Bellini founded the romantic Italian opera. Already during his lifetime he was an extremely successful composer who moved his audience to tears (as is reported during the debut performance of “La Sonnambula”) and a genuine celebrity. His three lovers, who all had the same first name “Giuditta”, were the talk of the town. His unexpected death resulted in wild speculation about a potential poisoning. In addition to “Norma”, “La Sonnambula” is Bellini’s most famous opera. He presumably preferred “La Sonnambula” – at least he had the first words of this opera’s best known aria engraved on his tombstone: “Oh flower, I had not expected to see you wither so quickly.”

With David Marton’s production of “La Sonnambula” a Bellini opera is for the first time staged at the Münchner Kammerspiele.

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