Thomas Hauser


Thomas Hauser was born in Rosenheim in 1992. Since elementary school he has received both choral and individual vocal training. Already at the age of 14 years he started gathering practical theater experience. Following his A level, he began his training at the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts in Munich in 2011. Together with some fellow students associated with director Ersan Mondtag, he founded the group “Kapitæl2Kolektif”, which has been responsible for various free interdisciplinary theater forms which encroach upon urban space, such as “Sinfonie”, “Party#” and “Scham”. Together with acting students of his graduation class, he collaborated with director Herbert Fritsch (“Der Revisor”, 2012) and for Heiner Müller’s “Zement” (2013) with director Dimiter Gotscheff at the Stadttheater.

Starting with the 2015/16 season Thomas Hauser is a permanent member of the Münchner Kammerspiele ensemble.