T.C. Boyle

T. Coraghessan Boyle, was born in Peekskill, New York, in 1948, the son of Irish immigrants. He grew up in precarious conditions. Both of his parents were alcoholics. After having successfully completed high school, he began studying history and literature in New York and thus discovered his love for literature and literary writing. In 1979 his first collection of short stories “The Descent of Man” was published. Subsequently John Irving became one of his most important promoters. As enfant terrible of contemporary culture, T. C. Boyle has become a pop and literature star of his generation who has been honored with numerous awards. Nowadays he lives in California and is professor of literature at the University of Southern California.

His works include: “Water Music” (novel, 1982), “The Road to Wellville” (novel, 1993), “América” (novel, 1996), “Riven Rock” (novel, 1998), “Without a Hero” (short stories, 1999), “A Friend of the Earth” (novel, 2001), “After the Plague” (short stories, 2002), “Drop City” (novel, 2003), “The Inner Circle” (novel, 2005), “Talk” (novel, 2006), “Tooth and Claw” (short stories, 2008), “The Women” (novel, 2009), “Wild Child” (short stories, 2010), “When the Killing’s Done” (novel, 2012) and “San Miguel” (novel, 2013).

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