Lola Fonsèque

Lola Fonsèque is a white non-binary Butch* theatre maker, activist and curator. After a master in philosophy at the Université Paris X-Nanterre and Freie Universität Berlin, they attended the theatre acting school Atelier für Physisches Theater Berlin.

In Berlin they created and directed, among others, FLUSH ME HARDER at Maxim Gorki Theatre – Studio R, and SHAME at the English Theatre Berlin. Their work explores the power of subversion, reimagining/dismantling spaces, language and identities. Their aim is to create a theatre that is abnormal, strange, dangerous and unstable. They also curate the evening WUSS 3000 at the Münchner Kammerspiele, and are a co-founder of the Kammerqueers collective. The Kammerqueers is a collective made up of people who identify as queer connected to the Kammerspiele. They aim to reclaim space and create networks for queer people working in theatre and performance as well as with queer people and artists living in Munich and beyond.

Lola Fonsèque have also worked at the Maxim Gorki Theatre as an assistant director and are currently working at the Münchner Kammerspiele.